Medoc Ltd

Medoc Advanced Medical Systems Ltd., established in 1990, is a leading developer and manufacturer of neuro-diagnostic medical systems. Medoc Systems assess and monitor acute and chronic pain as well as neurological disorders. Medoc customers include most hospitals in Israel (governmental, public & private) as well as hundreds of leading universities and hospitals worldwide. After many years of experience in the medical field, Medoc enjoys the reputation of a leading company, offering advanced technological solutions for the pain, neurology and neurophysiology markets.
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Medoc Israel
In 2006, Medoc established the "Medoc Israel" division. This division represents companies world-wide, promoting and distributing their advanced medical solutions to the Israeli market. Medoc leverages its familiarity with the Israeli market and its acquaintance with many Israeli doctors based on years of experience promoting foreign companies and their products in Israel. While Medoc’s QST division offers diagnostic solutions in the pain/neurodiagnostic area, Medoc Israel offers treatment solutions/devices encompassing various specialty areas and health conditions.
Medoc Israel represents leading manufacturers in various significant medical markets. We are able to place their products into a highly visible and ultimately leading position in the Israeli market; doing so by giving them the attention they deserve. Medoc Israel’s goal is to contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Israel by introducing use of novel, added value, state of the art medical technology products.
Medoc Ltd. adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards towards all customers, patients, employees and partners. Medoc Israel follows these guidelines and is strongly committed to contributing to the community, which we live and work in.
Medoc Israel's partners share its vision for the development and introduction of new advance therapies aimed to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic pain syndromes. One of the key factors affecting the Medoc success is its solid financial position. Another factor is the ability to allocate and fully integrate resources in ways that benefit business partnerships as well as contribute to the company growth.
Medoc Ltd. enjoys a leadership position in core medical products in the Israeli market. Medoc outstanding market performance is based on our clear and focused business strategy, the diversity and uniqueness of its product portfolio, as well as the professional competence and scientific approach shared by its people. Medoc is interested in expanding its scope of products by signing partnership agreements with promising medical device companies offering breakthrough technology and innovative products.
The Team
Medoc Israel team is diversified and experienced in various fields such as Pain, Neurology, Cardiology & General Surgery, Orthopedics, Radiology, Urology, Gastro-Enterology, Interventional Oncology, ICU, Vascular surgery, Endoscopy etc. with many years of combined experience.
Medoc Israel offers extensive experience obtaining government approvals with the Health Ministry (Israeli MOH), as well as obtaining catalogue numbers from the leading HMO'S. Over the years our sales force has built personal contacts within Government & HMO Hospital, as well as within the Private Health Care sector.
Medoc’s office staff acts as the backbone of the company providing the field staff with back-up and support needed in order to facilitate procedures and market penetration.
Mr. Udi Gafni – CEO
Mr. Eran Warshai – Sales Manager
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Medoc Partners
Medoc Ltd. is committed to raising the standards of healthcare in Israel by introducing and implementing widespread usage of breakthrough medical technologies. Presently, Medoc Ltd. has developed several strategic collaborations with leading international suppliers from the USA and Europe including Boston Scientific NM for treating severe & chronic pain patients by implanting advanced spinal cord stimulation (SCS) device,HalYard for treatment of local pain by applying Radio Frequency (RF) directly to the pain source, Epimed for nerve block solutions and catheters and HydroCision for minimal invasive disc-ectomy.Our Spine division includes also Spinal Simplicity for inter-laminar fusion device, and MeyloTec - epiduroscopy catheter.
We also offer to our customers advanced solutions in other fields: For surgeons we offer unique staplers equipment by TouchStone and in oncology we represent RanD for HIPEC treatment.